Origina Dairy Milk Tea 200ml
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- Free trans-fat

- Free cholesterol

Origina Dairy Milk Tea / Teh Tarik 200ml

- Product of Malaysia / Buatan Malaysia

- Halal certified by JAKIM

- Rich with milky tea taste

- Free trans-fat

- Free cholesterol

- Strong aroma with smooth taste


General health benefits

- Aging delay agent

- Mood booster

- Rich in antioxidants

- Improve the digestive system

- Regulate a healthy nervous system.


Per 200 ml contains

- Energy = 46 Kcal / 2%

- Cholesterol = 0 mg / 0%

- Trans-Fat = 0 mg / 0%

- Sodium = 24 mg/ 1%

- Calcium = 1310 mg/ 164%


Description : 

Let's Drink & Donate!

For each unit of this item sold, 100% proceeds will go to a food bank to help those in need of food aid. Hurry while stocks last! This is a clearance stock, best before Mid October 2021.

Origina Teh Tarik uses the highest quality black tea powder mixed with the creamer, which can help to brighten your day. Enjoy a taste of our Malaysian culture with our Milk Tea! It is also cholesterol-free and trans-fat, so you can enjoy the drink anytime, anywhere without feeling guilty!



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Origina Dairy Milk Tea 200ml