282 Traditional Coffee ~ Robusta Traditional Coffee Bag ( 10g x 100 bags) (Free Fragile+bubblewrap packing)
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- Premium Liberica Coffee Bean

Robusta Traditional Coffee Bag ( 10g x 100 bags)
SINCE 1941
- Premium Liberica Coffee Bean
- Up to 85% proportion of Coffee beans
- Traditional Roasted Coffee

Uses high-grade liberica coffee beans originating from the West Africa. It currently takes up about 1% of the total worldwide coffee output. It features exceptionally large-sized bean and unique fragrance.

Mixing up to 85% coffee beans with white sugar, under Hwee Jians experienced coffee master specialized coffee roasting skill, its fragrance and concentration is well balanced.

A cup of well brewed Hwee Jian Premium traditional coffee gives off a unique fruity smell and faint/strong caramel flavour. The taste is balanced and smooth, sweet and bitter. The coffee does not get rancid after cooling down, instead, the taste becomes sweeter.

1.Rinse a cup with boiling water. Empty the cup.
2.Put in 1 coffee bag and then add in 150ml of boiling water.
3.Stir the coffee bag with spoon, soak for 2-3 minutes, then add in sugar or milk according personal preferences.
4.Stir and apply pressure to the coffee bag for about 2 minutes, add in sugar or condensed milk according to personal preference.
5.To taste a better flavor, we recommend use ceramic cup to brew coffee.
6.It is recommended to use ceramic cup for brewing the coffee, the taste will be even better.

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282 Traditional Coffee ~ Robusta Traditional